Frequently Asked Questions

What is StuckyNet-Link?

StuckyNet-Link is your 24-hour access to your current loan status, ledger, and ineligible balances through a user-friendly web interface. Additionally, the system enables you to complete your borrowing base certificate online and frees you from costly burden of printing, packaging, and shipping back up reports, saving you hundreds of dollars per month.

Is StuckyNet-Link difficult to use?

If you have used the Internet before, you will immediately feel comfortable navigating your way through your loan information in StuckyNet-Link. All the familiar web elements are here, from menus and hyperlinks to tables and forms. The interface is HTML based, eliminating the need to load software on your computer.

What are StuckyNet-Link benefits?

Online reporting replaces overnight packages, increases efficiency and reduces clerical errors and labor.

How do I login?

Your City National Bank Collateral Analyst will assign you a client code, username, and password.

How do I create a new Borrowing Base Certificate?

Click on "Borrowing Base Certificate" from the menu. The beginning balances on each certificate are pulled directly from the most recently updated data. You only need enter a certificate number and applicable data in the text fields with a gray background.

What information is available on the Loan Status Report?

The loan status report is an overview of all the loans in your account as of the last time the system data was updated.

What information is available on the Loan Ledger Report?

The loan ledger report displays the line-item ledger of activity for each loan in your account.

What information is available on the Ineligible History Report?

The ineligible history report displays the ineligibles and reserves for each loan in your account.

How do I print the reports?

Each Report includes a "Print Button" in the top right corner of the report screen. Use this button to send the current frame to your printer. Depending on your browser type and printer model, some printed reports may cut off the rightmost part of the screen. If you have a problem, set your printer orientation to landscape mode before printing.

How do I save reports?

Click "Save As" in your browser's "File" menu to save the report to a file. You can also "Copy" and "Paste" reports from your browser into other programs like Microsoft Excel or Word.

How do I upload files?

Click on "Upload Files" from the StuckyNet-Link menu. Click on the "Browse" button to the right of the type of file you will upload. The "Upload Files" program allows you attach documentation for the borrowing base certificate, such as Invoice Registers, Cash Register, Adjustment Register, A/R Aging or A/P Aging.

How do I extract data from my accounting software?

StuckyNet-Link provides instructions for extracting data from popular accounting packages, such as AccuBooks, Business Works, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SBM, Peachtree, Quickbooks along with general print-to-file instructions.