EASI Link® Frequently Asked Questions

EASI Link® Frequently Asked Questions

What can EASI Link do?
EASI Link has two main areas of functionality: money movement and information reporting. From a money movement perspective, EASI Link provides:

  • Account to Account Transfers
  • ACH Transactions
  • Bill Payments
  • CNS Brokerage Transfers
  • Deposit Direct Send (electronic deposits)
  • Domestic Wires
  • Drawdown Domestic Wires
  • Outsourced Check Printing
  • Stop Payments
  • Third-Party Drawdown Domestic Wires

From an information reporting perspective, EASI Link provides:

  • Balance Inquiries for the Bank and the Brokerage
  • Bank Statement Images
  • City National Credit Card Transaction Details
  • City National Credit Card Statement Details
  • City National Securities Brokerage Statement Images
  • Current Day Transaction Details
  • Incoming Wire Notifications
  • Paid Check Images
  • Previous Day Transaction Details

How does it work?
EASI Link creates a secure connection between your general ledger or accounting system and the Bank processing systems. As a result, your window into City National can be your accounting software, as your Bank balance and your Book balance will be in sync.

Is it secure?
Yes, EASI Link leverages the same security protocols and methodologies found in online banking and other secure, ecommerce systems.

Is it right for your business?
EASI Link has been a very valuable service for our clients that are high transaction volume businesses, who are technically savvy, and who are interested in Straight Through Processing and streamlining their operations.

Why should you consider it?
EASI Link offers many operational benefits for our clients, including improving the time spent processing and reconciling transactions. Further, it also helps reduce the errors of a dual entry process with the accounting system and online banking.

What are the transaction processing times?
EASI Link leverages the same online transaction processing windows that online banking and our other system uses.

What accounting software does it work with?
EASI Link can work with almost any accounting software package.

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How do I learn more?
Please contact us to have a bank colleague get in touch with you to see if EASI Link is right for your business.

Investment and Insurance products:
  • Are Not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency
  • Are Not deposits of or guaranteed by a Bank or any Bank Affiliate
  • May Lose Value