Combining (Householding) Points

What is Householding?

Householding combines your Points from multiple City National Bank Card Products into one Rewards account. City National Consumer Visa Credit Cards and Visa Commercial Credit Cards that come with City National Rewards are eligible for this householding feature. Capitalized terms not defined below have the meanings given them in the City National Rewards Program Terms, Conditions, and Program Rules.

How it works:

City National will automatically combine into a Household those cards issued under one or more Accounts that share the same Customer I.D. Number (“Qualifying Cards”). The Customer I.D. Number is a unique identification number assigned to an Account by CNB, which Customer I.D. Number is assigned to each Card issued under an account. Accounts having the same tax identification number in CNB's records will have the same Customer I.D. Number. The Consumer Primary Cardholder or Business Primary Cardholder is generally the individual whose name appears first on an Account in City National's records. To confirm if you are the Consumer Primary Cardholder or Business Primary Cardholder on an Account, please review your credit card statement or contact CNB Customer Service at (800) 773-7100.

Once placed in a Household, Points earned from all Qualifying Cards will be combined and available for redemption. If you do not want your Points combined into one Household, please contact Award Headquarters at (800) 411-0596.

If you would like to Household additional City National Rewards Cards on which you are listed as a Primary Cardholder on a personal credit card, you may submit an application by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the Householding menu located on the right-hand side of the City National Rewards "Home" page.
  • Select the Householding Application sub-menu option.
  • Review the rules and accept the terms.
  • Complete and submit the Householding enrollment application for processing.
  • Be sure to note which Card you want designated as the Primary for the Household. The Primary Cardholder will be the only one in the Household who is able to redeem Points for Awards.
  • After clicking the Submit button, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been accepted for processing.
Note: For Cards issued under a Commercial Credit Card Account, only an Authorized Redeemer can access, view, manage and redeem Points in the Household of the Business. You may identify up to two (2) individuals as Authorized Redeemers by completing and submitting a Points Redemption Authorization Form located on our web site,, under the "Householding Link"
  • Within 3 business days of receipt of your application, our decision will be sent via email to each Primary Cardholder listed on the application.
  • Once your Householding application has been approved, all Points previously earned, as well as any future Points, will be combined into the Household from which the Primary Cardholder can redeem Points for Awards.