Entertainment Frequently Asked Questions

What does City National's Entertainment group do differently compared to other banks?
We're very hands-on and give a lot of personal attention to our industry clients. When you work with us your Relationship Manager is on set talking to the producer, helping to figure out the day-to-day financial details: Who needs to get paid how much, and when? Your RM deals with insurance companies, agents, staffing, talent and crew related to the production.

What types of entertainment financing does City National offer?
We offer specialized entertainment lending options for intellectual property rights, music catalog financing, video game financing, sports franchise financing, airplane financing and more.

Do you have expertise with intellectual property rights?
Our Entertainment experts understand the value of the varying types of intellectual property and can help with monetizing royalty and licensing streams associated with name and likeness rights, music catalog financing and film financing.

Do you have up-to-the-minute music industry expertise?
The music industry is changing at breakneck speed. Our knowledge of new music business models, cash flows and the various dynamics of the music industry provides maximum flexibility in meeting your borrowing needs in an evolving business environment.

Do you really finance airplanes?
Yes we do. Whether you're purchasing an entire airplane or a share, we work to help our clients find the best solution to meet their goals.

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