Highland Film Group Transforms Trust into Film Productions


What do you do when you can't find a company in your industry that is ready to help you launch your dreams? You find a partner who is willing to make those dreams happen alongside you.

That's exactly what Delphine Perrier and Arianne Fraser did when they joined forces to form Highland Film Group, a worldwide sales, film financing, production and distribution company. Since forming their partnership over a decade ago, the duo – and their firm – have earned a reputation as formidable independent film producers.

Since the beginnings of Highland Film Group, Fraser and Perrier have understood that finding dedicated support is vital for any successful business. This means identifying and hiring professionals who enable honest conversation. It's what makes success in the sometimes-difficult world of film production possible for the pair.

“In this industry, everything is about personal relationships. The one thing about City National Bank is they're always available," Fraser told David Acosta, a team leader in City National's Entertainment Banking group. “Those kinds of personal relationships, really, are what this industry is all about."

Over the years, Fraser and Perrier have discovered that one of the most important factors in building a successful entertainment business is trust. For Perrier, relationships are what generate the trust required to support and grow a business in meaningful ways.

“City National Bank trusted us since the beginning," Perrier told Acosta. “We started, and you were right there. You saw that we could do it, and you trusted us."

Delphine, Arianne and their team from Highland Film Group will participate in the 2021 American Film Market (AFM), an industry event to be held in November. Each year, the AFM festival allows thousands of entertainment industry professionals to network, connecting them with buyers and their peers. Highland Film Group will offer screenings, previews and other exclusives during this year's digital event.

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