City National Business Suite Phase 1: Pre-Migration

Phase 1: Pre-Migration

Please make sure you follow the steps below during the Pre-Migration phase. It is important to complete any updates to users and templates prior to 6 p.m. PT on the Wednesday evening preceding Phase 2 to ensure these changes migrate from Treasury Net to Business Suite.

  • Clean up inactive data
    • Remove inactive users, old wire templates and ACH databases (called ACH templates in Business Suite). Note: wire templates unused in the past 13 months will not be migrated and, if still in use, will need to be rebuilt in the new system.
  • Correct active data
    • To be properly migrated, wire payment templates will need to reflect current information. Your Migration Specialist will review with you any templates that need your attention prior to migration.
  • Confirm that all approvers have legible tokens
    • Serial numbers will be needed to reactivate a user's token in Business Suite.

      If any of your users' token serial numbers are illegible, please contact your Relationship Manager to get a replacement token. In addition, all approvers in the new system will need a token. To make sure you have enough tokens, the Migration Specialist will want to review with you who is approving your wires and if you want these approvers to change in the new system.
  • Notify users to validate email address in Treasury Net
    • At migration, we will send users a temporary password to the email on file in Treasury Net. Please ask users to review this email under Setup > Change My Security Question to ensure that it is current.
  • Distribute User IDs
    • You will receive your users' User IDs in the mail. You will be responsible for distributing these User IDs to your users. Note: in Business Suite, a Company ID is no longer required, but this means that all User IDs must be unique across all City National users. Therefore, some users' User IDs may change.
  • Minimize activity in Treasury Net as we approach data migration and Phase 2.
    • As you are able, please minimize any changes in Treasury Net as we approach migration to Business Suite. Any changes or updates made to Treasury Net after 6 p.m. PT on the Wednesday evening prior to migration weekend and Phase 2 will need to be repeated in Business Suite.


Migration Specialists are available to help you during your transition to Business Suite. Call the Migration Help Line at (855) 835-8714, Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. PT.