Wholesale Lockbox

Make the Most of Your Earnings - Everyday

If your small business receives large dollar amount checks, the lockbox can be especially helpful. The service is especially helpful for businesses that receive large dollar amount checks.

How It Works

  1. We open a U.S. Post Office Box in your company's name to be used for incoming customer payments.
  2. Your customers mail receivables directly to your post office box.
  3. On a daily basis, we retrieve these remittances at several key times during the workday, process the items and directly credit your account.
  4. We compile your receipts daily and send you a listing of the deposited items and the deposit total.
  5. Online Imaging provides you with same-day web access so you can view details of your deposit activity, and print remittance images and reports.
  6. Any time you perform reconciliation, you can access our comprehensive reporting. So you can be sure you're working with the most up-to-date information possible.

Swift Receipt of Funds

With a City National Lockbox you shorten the time it takes for payments to get from your customer's checkbook to your City National checking account. Your account is credited the day remittances are received, reducing float associated with collections and making your money available to you sooner.

Enhanced Security & Increased Efficiency

City National Lockbox services offer your small business a secure point of receipt for your receivables. Additionally, you enhance your internal controls with segregation of duties so your staff can focus on other tasks and projects.  Online imaging may even eliminate your need to receive back all those paper documents. You reduce filing and retrieval time, save storage space and save paper.

Harness Your Earnings - Daily

Our Wholesale Lockbox can also enhance the way you manage your receivables. You can retrieve your remittance information the same day, anytime and anywhere you have access to the Internet. Same-day online access to your lockbox information allows you to complete your accounts receivable posting more quickly. All of which means that you can improve your cash flow and maximize your small business earnings on a daily basis.

Same-Day Online Imaging and Reporting

The dual-sided imaging feature of our new Online Wholesale Lockbox Image Services allows you to view the front and back of your remittance documents. And now you can validate that important postage date with our envelope imaging.

Reporting Flexibility

Our comprehensive deposit reporting and flexible delivery options include:

  • Data transmission
  • Electronic reports
  • Fax
  • Mail
  • Courier
  • CD-ROM
  • Online Wholesale Lockbox Image Service

Features & Benefits

  • A single, unique address for receiving checks
  • Multiple mail pick-ups at key times during the business day
  • Expanded reporting of remittance information available through a variety of delivery options: mail, courier, fax, online, CD Rom, and data transmission
  • Accelerate the collection and processing of checks
  • Take advantage of same day remittance information availability to improve control of funds
  • Automate receivables updates with customized posting files
  • Receive images and remittance information for archiving

Getting Started

To sign up for a Treasury Management service or for more information, please contact us or call Treasury Management Client Services between 5:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday (800) 599-0020.