Online Wholesale Lockbox

Make the Most of Your Earnings - Every Day

When your business receives large dollar amount checks, City National's wholesale lockbox can be especially helpful.

How Wholesale Lockbox Works

  • We open a U.S. Post Office Box in your company's name to be used for incoming customer payments. 
  • You customers mail receivables directly to your post office box.
  • We retrieve these remittances on a daily basis, at several key times during the workday. We process the items and credit your account directly.
  • We compile your receipts daily and send you a listing of the deposited items and the deposit total.
  • View daily activity details using our Online Imaging. You get same-day access to view deposits and print remittance images and reports.
  • Perform reconciliation with our comprehensive reporting any time. So you can be sure you're working with the most up-to-date information possible.

Swift Receipt of Funds

  • Multiple mail pick-ups at key times during the business day shortens the time it takes for payments to get from your customer's checkbook to your company's City National checking account.
  • Your account is credited the same day remittances are received, reducing float associated with collections and making your money available to you sooner.

Harness Your Earnings - Daily

  • Complete your accounts receivable posting more quickly with same-day online access to your lockbox information. Improved control of funds maximizes your earnings.
  • Expanded reporting of remittance information available through a variety of delivery options: mail, courier, fax, online, CD-ROM, and data transmission.

Enhanced Security

  • Ensure a secure point of receipt for your company's receivables with a single unique address for receiving checks.
  • Enhance your internal controls with segregation of duties so your employees can focus on other tasks and projects.

Increased Efficiency

  • Automate receivables updates with customized posting files.
  • Receive images and remittance information for archiving. Eliminate all those paper documents with Online Imaging.
  • Reduce filing and retrieval time, save storage space and save paper.

Same-Day Online Imaging and Reporting

  • View the front and back of your remittance documents with the dual-sided imaging feature of Online Wholesale Lockbox Image Services.
  • Validate that important postage date with our envelope imaging.

Reporting Flexibility

Our comprehensive deposit reporting and flexible delivery options include:

  • Data transmission
  • Electronic reports
  • Mail
  • Courier
  • CD-ROM
  • Online Wholesale Lockbox Image Service.

Getting Started

To sign up for a Treasury Management service or for more information, please contact us any time at or call Treasury Management Client Services between 5:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday (800) 599-0020 .