Direct Connect with Quicken Application

COMPLETE, PRINT, SIGN and RETURN this form to your City National banking office or mail to City National Bank, c/o  Central Operations - Direct Connect, P.O. Box 512149, Los Angeles, CA 90051. An application with signature is required for use of Direct Connect with Quicken.
Applicant Information
Full Name
Business Name (if applicable)
Home Telephone Number
() -
Street Address
Work Telephone Number
() - ext:
City, State, Zip
Mother's Maiden Name
E-mail Address
Last 4 digits of SSN and/or Tax ID (if applicable):
Software Requirements:
I understand that this service requires that I use Quicken for Windows or Mac from the current year or prior 2 years.
Enter the full account numbers for the accounts you wish to access.
Personal Accounts Only   Business Accounts Only   Personal and Business Accounts
Specify a primary checking account to be used for bill payments and any service fees:
Account Number: See our Online Banking Fee Schedule for pricing.
Account-to-Account Transfers - Enter the account numbers for the accounts you wish to transfer from and to.
Note: Check the bi-directional box if allowing transfers to and from accounts listed below.
I hereby authorize City National Bank to allow for the transfer of funds between the City National accounts indicated below, through the use of the Online Banking Transfers Service.
From Account To Account Bi-directional From Account To Account Bi-directional
1.    4. 
2.    5. 
3.    6. 

Authorization and Agreement: I request the services indicated above. I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for these services as stated in the City National Bank Online Banking  Service  Agreement and Disclosure, the Account Agreement and Disclosures and applicable fee schedules, as well as any amendments to these agreements and schedules, if I continue to use the services after receipt of notice of such amendment.  I acknowledge that if I am  currently an Online Banking user, I will no longer have the ability to download to Quicken from that service once my Direct Connect service is enabled. I agree that I am an owner of, and authorized to sign and request information on, the account(s) listed above and I will be the only person authorized to request and receive password information for the Direct Connect Service.

Applicant's Signature ____________________________________________
Date _______________________
Once you have completed and signed this form, please return to your City National banking office or mail to:
City National Bank, c/o Central Operations - Online Banking, P.O. Box 512149, Los Angeles, CA 90051.

The following ID was used to verify the client: Account Officer Name:

              _____ Driver's License       _____ Other

Officer's Signature
Banking Offices: Send this form to Central Operations Direct Connect (#025)
ID 18127E (12/2012)

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