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Mobile Banking FAQ

City National Mobile Banking

FASTdeposit® for City National Mobile Banking

City National Mobile Banking

What is City National Mobile Banking?
City National Mobile Banking is a free service that gives clients access to frequently performed banking tasks from the convenience of a mobile device. Clients can access many of the great online banking services used today in City National Online®, plus more.  The service is available in three convenient formats: downloadable application (app), mobile web browser, and SMS text (Please Note: carrier text and data usage charges may apply.)

Who is eligible to use City National Mobile Banking?
Any personal client who uses City National Online today to access their bank accounts can use City National Mobile Banking.  The same credentials used for City National Online are used for mobile banking. Clients who do not have City National Online, but who want the convenience of mobile banking, must first enroll in City National Online. Enroll here »

What is the downloadable application (app)?
You can download the City National Mobile Banking app to access our mobile banking services.  Our app has enhanced functionality and takes full advantage of a mobile device's hardware capabilities. 

What is the mobile web browser service?
You can access City National Mobile Banking using the web browser on your mobile device.  The experience is optimized for the smaller screen on smartpones.

What is SMS text banking?
City National Mobile Banking lets you retrieve banking information by sending SMS text messages to our shortcode 28262 (ATCNB).  You can send us a text and City National replies to your text with the requested information.  It is a fast and easy way to look up banking information on-the-go.

On what mobile devices is City National Mobile Banking available?

Downloadable Application (App) Mobile Web SMS Text

iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ (various phones & tablets), KindleFire™

Most mobile devices with a web browser Any SMS-enabled phone from a certified wireless carrier

Please call us at (800) 773-7100, option 3 for additional information on supported mobile devices and wireless carriers, as supported mobile devices may vary based on operating system, mobile device model, and wireless carrier.

How do I sign-up for City National Mobile Banking?
Downloadable application (app)/Mobile Web Browser: When you launch the City National Mobile Banking app or visit www.cnb.com from a mobile browser for the first time, the sign-up process automatically begins.  You sign in with the same credentials used today for City National Online and answer a series of security questions to verify your identity. When complete, you are then ready to use mobile banking.

SMS Text: Sign in to City National Online.  Once signed in, click Online Banking in the Accounts Access tab, select "manage mobile banking settings" on the left navigation bar.  Activate "Text Banking" by attaining a six digit activation code that is valid for 24 hours.  City National will then send an SMS text message to your phone, to which you must respond to with the activation code.  You are then ready to get started with mobile banking.

What services can I access through City National Mobile Banking?
You have access to many of the great online banking services you see today in City National Online, plus more.  Please visit our Mobile Banking page for more information.

How do I download the City National Mobile Banking app?
The iPhone and iPad apps can be downloaded directly from Apple's App Store, the Android app for smartphones and tablets can be downloaded directly from Google's PlayStore, and the KindleFire app can be downloaded from the Amazon App store, in each case by searching for "City National".  Be on the lookout for our ladder logo.  Alternatively, you can download the app by visiting www.cnb.com  from your mobile web browser and clicking "Mobile Banking".  An option to "download" the app is available in the dropdown navigation menu.

What can I do with the new Personalize Accounts feature?
You are able to take greater control over your mobile banking experience by nicknaming your accounts, sorting the order in which your accounts are displayed throughout the app, turning features on and off for select accounts (e.g. Bill Pay), and hiding accounts from being displayed.

What features do the new City National tablet applications (apps) have?
The new City National tablet apps allow you to now access City National Mobile Banking from the convenience of your tablet.  The apps are specifically optimized for the larger screen on tablets. The apps give you access to all the same great features available today through our smartphone apps, including City National FASTdeposit®.

What SMS text commands can I use to get banking information?
You can text any of the commands below to our shortcode 28262 (ATCNB) to receive the requested information: 

Command Information

B or BAL

Summary of available balances for all accounts


Summary of recent transactions per account

C or CMD

List of available commands


Help content


URL to access mobile web browser service


De-activate SMS Text Banking

Who do I contact for customer service?
You may call Client Support at (800) 773-7100, option 3, (some holidays excluded).

How does Mobile Banking Sign-on Security work?
City National Bank's secure sign-on helps protect you from fraudulent online activity. The sign-on process requires you to enter your City National Online User ID and Password. In some cases, you may also be required to further verify your identity by correctly answering security questions you established during initial enrollment in City National Online. This information allows City National Bank to verify that it is in fact you, and not a fraudster, that is accessing your accounts, and to block any unauthorized access to your accounts.

FASTdeposit® for City National Mobile Banking

What is FASTdeposit?
FASTdeposit is a free service that is included in City National Mobile Banking that allows you to deposit checks electronically using the camera on your mobile device. (Please Note: carrier text and data usage charges may apply.)

Who is eligible to use FASTdeposit?
Any client who is enrolled in City National Online and City National Mobile Banking can use FASTdeposit. 

How do I access FASTdeposit?
The FASTdeposit service is currently available through the downloadable application (app) for iPhone, iPad, Android (smartphone and tablet), and KindleFire.  FASTdeposit is automatically included when you use the app after successful sign in; no additional enrollment is necessary.    

What types of accounts may I deposit checks into with FASTdeposit?
You may deposits checks into any personal Checking, Money Market and Savings accounts. Business accounts are not supported at this time. Accounts must also meet overdraft and NSF criteria to be eligible for deposit. Please contact your Relationship Manager for account type eligibility.

Is there a limit on the amount and/or number of checks I may deposit through FASTdeposit?
Yes. FASTdeposit for City National Mobile Banking is restricted to a daily deposit limit of $25,000 and 5 deposited checks per day. Other multi-day (10 business days) limits also apply.

How will I know that my electronic deposit has been received?
When you submit a check image through FASTdeposit, you will receive an email confirmation that your deposit has been received.  You will then receive a second email confirmation when your deposit has been approved or denied.  (Please note: additional processing of your deposit may still be required.)

What should I do with the original check after I have deposited it with FASTdeposit?
Retain the original check in a secure location for thirty (30) days following receipt and credit of the deposit to your account.  We recommend you completely destroy each original check after this retention period. A paper shredder is a good method for secure destruction of original checks.

What types of checks can be deposited through FASTdeposit?
Original checks drawn on U.S. financial institutions in U.S. Dollars, which are payable to and endorsed by the depositor, including the words "For Deposit Only," can be deposited.

What should I do if I have trouble depositing a check?
There are a couple things you can do when this occurs:

  • Make sure your Internet connection is stable and strong.
  • Make sure there is a color contrast between the check and the background on which the check is placed.
  • Place the check on a flat surface in a very well lit area.
  • Keep your hands very steady while you take a picture of the front and back of the check.

Who can I call with support questions about FASTdeposit?
You may call City National Support at (800) 773-7100, option 3 (excluding some holidays).

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