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Martha Henderson: The Most Powerful Banker in Hollywood

September 25, 2017

Martha Henderson: The Most Powerful Banker in Hollywood

Martha Henderson, for three decades the head of the entertainment division at City National Bank in Los Angeles, was profiled on Sept. 25 in Barron's magazine.

Calling Henderson “the Greta Garbo of private banking, a 21st century wealth management take on the famously reclusive film star of the 1920s and 1930s," the article noted she “is Hollywood's most powerful private banker, but few outside a cadre of top Beverly Hills executives and stars have heard of her - and that's in an industry where self-promotion and public strutting is a high art."

The article also details Henderson's career and notes that she has “quietly built a $10 billion-asset private-bank unit with celebrity clients, up 8 percent since last year, alongside a $5 billion entertainment-related loan portfolio, up 16 percent."

Henderson's clients range from A list actors and personalities to sports stars, the article notes, adding, "She produces 20 percent of CNB's total revenue."

In the profile, Aaron Philpott, a partner at Philpott Meeks, one of the business management firms that act as family offices for Hollywood's biggest talent, says more than 90 percent of his clients have their accounts at CNB.

"If you polled business managers, they would say Martha is one of the most important people they work with on a daily basis," Philpott said.

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