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Chief Marketing, Product and Digital Officer Linda Duncombe on City National’s entertainment ecosystem

December 1, 2020


City National Bank’s Chief Marketing, Product and Digital Officer Linda Duncombe recently spoke at the Tearsheet Embedded Conference about the bank’s fintech game and the ecosystem it is building out to support the entertainment industry in ways no other bank or organization can.

“Everybody’s got a checking account, everybody’s got a credit card,” said Duncombe of other banks. “But then when you start thinking about things like FilmTrack, Exactuals, Datafaction, and how we support all of that with the things that are important to the clients,” she pointed out, that’s where no other bank can compete.

She also shared how the bank is stepping up for the industry during the pandemic.

“It’s been harder this year, because a lot of the verticals within entertainment have really been hit badly by the pandemic,” said Duncombe. “And so, we’re finding ways to be more creative as we start to think about how we can help with cash flows…”

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